Domain Report  

The Domain Report identifies the top origins of visitors to this site. This is determined by the suffix of their domain name. Use this information carefully as this is based on where their domain name is registered and may not always be an accurate identifier of the actual geographic location of this visitor. For example, while most .com domain names are from the United States, there are a growing number of .com domain names that exist outside the United States.

This report shows results with at least 50 requests. This report is sorted by number of requests.

Domain NameNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredNumber of page requests
1.[unresolved numerical addresses]12,059,945168.923 GB8,413,433
    463,862,13246.316 GB3,513,766
    5566,5459.594 GB443,957
    107544,7358.053 GB151,675
    146533,7926.137 GB532,668
    68498,9166.038 GB164,520
    66261,7475.811 GB123,888
    188244,3173.761 GB236,268
    70210,5363.589 GB57,595
    216201,7562.425 GB111,598
    95185,9703.010 GB184,223
    77184,9232.390 GB75,549
    99149,8761.723 GB45,596
    104149,7241.715 GB53,751
    50137,3622.003 GB45,786
    185128,2843.117 GB123,718
    91125,4791.158 GB124,278
    163119,5622.536 GB115,027
    184111,3811.568 GB36,186
    199109,9141.792 GB39,655
    108109,6781.460 GB32,846
    173109,1651.374 GB63,064
    37103,3371.034 GB101,243
    6498,1941.242 GB35,003
    6997,9981.553 GB34,892
    20889,5771.111 GB31,710
    7386,4461.201 GB25,768
    19586,3511.285 GB81,543
    14184,1881.255 GB59,850
    17879,550601.436 MB73,580 (Commercial)2,121,95536.275 GB1,159,041
    yandex.com533,2867.136 GB208,192
    baidu.com406,5198.831 GB289,623
    ahrefs.com303,6835.384 GB262,747
    msn.com217,9104.340 GB82,934
    rr.com122,8481.446 GB34,578
    googlebot.com109,5273.064 GB60,586 (Networks)1,338,76417.563 GB634,031
    grantcounty.net197,3732.134 GB44,070
    hidehost.net181,3493.929 GB166,085
    bhn.net177,8972.242 GB46,910
    comcastbusiness.net147,704975.224 MB84,379
    sbcglobal.net121,6041.705 GB43,739
    comcast.net110,7031.350 GB36,055 (Russia)135,2691.509 GB53,778
    mail.ru120,9861.269 GB41,703 (USA Government)60,334619.632 MB14,533 (Germany)46,343675.197 MB29,847 (Non Profit Making Organisations)27,015238.683 MB4,654 (United States)22,817383.214 MB10,500
9.[unknown domain]16,051237.609 MB12,711 (India)6,71063.507 MB2,900 (Brazil)4,807121.144 MB4,497 (Informational)4,1823.663 MB4,160 (Italy)3,89099.558 MB3,733 (United Kingdom)2,5355.517 MB236 (Ukraine)2,09934.559 MB1,985 (Turkey)2,08442.828 MB1,977 (Romania)1,80729.239 MB1,726 (USA Higher Education)1,69424.248 MB571 (Vietnam)1,66918.771 MB1,643 (China)1,58341.867 MB1,509 (Ivory Coast)1,56721.111 MB1,454 (Belarus)1,30713.530 MB1,284 (Kazakhstan)1,30113.560 MB1,283 (Poland)1,13413.252 MB1,085 (Thailand)1,06311.897 MB1,045 (Indonesia)1,03916.434 MB988 (Moldova)8998.704 MB843 (Czech Republic)8647.863 MB537
29.[domain not given]8489.440 MB830 (Slovakia)8377.808 MB614 (Arpanet)7616.374 MB320 (Hungary)7559.215 MB749 (USA Military)7535.483 MB199 (Argentina)6668.448 MB655 (Mali)63519.620 MB604 (Portugal)5926.996 MB578 (Seychelles)5913.491 MB298 (Japan)5886.093 MB434 (Sweden)58010.760 MB542 (Netherlands)5748.424 MB465 (Luxembourg)55311.628 MB536 (Mexico)5005.423 MB458 (Pakistan)46630.590 MB406 (Lithuania)4535.536 MB433 (France)4447.894 MB399 (Colombia)4015.905 MB372 (British Indian Ocean Territory)3725.679 MB269 (Philippines)3172.734 MB175 (Greece)3063.783 MB298 (South Africa)2937.828 MB282 (Kyrgyzstan)2873.218 MB287 (Georgia)2782.906 MB278 (Norway)2717.164 MB258 (Australia)2552.704 MB161 (Malaysia)2514.365 MB250 (Croatia)2423.141 MB235 (Armenia)2332.851 MB233 (Bulgaria)2162.210 MB211 (Sri Lanka)2152.199 MB215 (Tonga)2157.470 MB199 (Israel)2042.483 MB187 (Albania)1983.703 MB197 (United Arab Emirates)1911.988 MB182 (Uruguay)1871.852 MB185 (Estonia)1751.907 MB175 (Businesses)1724.626 MB152 (Taiwan)1653.613 MB163 (Switzerland)1602.582 MB117 (Libya)1591.604 MB156 (Spain)1522.043 MB115 (Canada)1473.877 MB107 (Austria)1392.016 MB116 (Iran)1361.440 MB136 (Cocos (Keeling) Islands)1334.808 MB124 (Ghana)1262.194 MB122 (Dominican Republic)1251.501 MB125 (Chile)1181.721 MB110 (Madagascar)1171.237 MB117 (Bangladesh)1111.102 MB89 (Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic))1101.157 MB110 (Guyana)1091.155 MB106 (Bahrain)1021.207 MB102 (Former USSR)1011.100 MB101 (Tuvalu)1011.399 MB71 (Latvia)991.040 MB86 (Singapore)981,013.020 KB69 (Finland)981.191 MB88 (Nepal)981.146 MB97 (Jordan)97975.409 KB97 (Bosnia-Herzegovina)921,004.771 KB87 (Iceland)83769.725 KB79 (Denmark)801.178 MB71 (Mozambique)66617.585 KB62 (Belgium)65889.202 KB49 (Zambia)59618.846 KB59 (New Zealand)58544.479 KB40 (Samoa)50505.245 KB50
 [not listed: 46]85913.029 MB790

This report was generated on July 17, 2017 18:27.
Report time frame December 31, 2016 18:59 to July 13, 2017 18:59.

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