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Grant County Government, Indiana
  Area Planning
Are you responsible for Tax Assessments? 01/22/2011 2,096
I have drainage Problems! 01/22/2011 2,036
Who do I contact on Septic Systems or Leach Fields? 01/22/2011 2,057
Do you need a Permit? 01/22/2011 2,817
Where do I get a driveway permit? 03/07/2017 162
Where are we located? 03/07/2017 159
Do we issue/sell business licenses? 03/07/2017 161
How long before I can get an inspection? 03/07/2017 159
What setbacks do I need for my home or building project? 08/24/2017 40
What number do I call if my property is in the city? 08/25/2017 22
Is ice shield protection required on roofs in Grant County? 09/14/2017 8
Is drip edge (flashing) required on roofs? 09/14/2017 7

Grant County Government, Indiana
How much do I owe in taxes? 02/08/2011 2,444
For Assessment Questions 02/08/2011 2,442
How do I get a rental deduction? 02/04/2013 1,675
What is a “GRM”? 02/04/2013 1,725
Why do I need to provide my income information? 02/04/2013 1,593
I feel the value is too high. What can I do? 02/04/2013 1,713
I purchased a property for a family member to live in. They do not pay rent. Does my property qualify? 02/04/2013 1,630
I’m renting my property as “Rent to Own.” Why doesn’t this qualify? 02/04/2013 1,600
Why are there different GRM’s throughout the county? 02/04/2013 1,648
I purchased my property through the Grant County Tax Sale. Why isn’t tax sales used when assessing income properties, especially if they are the predominant sales? 02/04/2013 1,616

Grant County Government, Indiana
Commercial Equipment Abatement 07/08/2011 1,919
Commercial Structure Abatement 07/08/2011 1,748
Deeds/Affidavits Information 07/08/2011 1,921