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Grant County Government, Indiana
  Area Planning
Are you responsible for Tax Assessments? 01/22/2011 2,523
I have drainage Problems! 01/22/2011 2,474
Who do I contact on Septic Systems or Leach Fields? 01/22/2011 2,523
Do you need a Permit? 01/22/2011 3,317
Where do I get a driveway permit? 03/07/2017 595
Where is Grant County Area Plan located? 03/07/2017 571
Do we issue/sell business licenses? 03/07/2017 582
How long before I can get an inspection? 03/07/2017 594
What setbacks do I need for my home or building project? 08/24/2017 472
What number do I call if my property is in the city? 08/25/2017 410
Is ice shield protection required on roofs in Grant County? 09/14/2017 414
Is drip edge (flashing) required on roofs? 09/14/2017 390
Can I/how do I call in a permit over the phone? Can I register as a contractor in Grant County? 09/28/2017 410
What is a variance and how do you get approval? 01/08/2018 266
What is a special exception and how do you get approval? 01/08/2018 248
Yard Barns/Accessory Structures - What do I need to know? 01/31/2018 247
How many residences can I have on one parcel of land? 02/26/2018 184

Grant County Government, Indiana
How much do I owe in taxes? 02/08/2011 2,900
For Assessment Questions 02/08/2011 2,908
How do I get a rental deduction? 02/04/2013 2,132
What is a “GRM”? 02/04/2013 2,163
Why do I need to provide my income information? 02/04/2013 2,027
I feel the value is too high. What can I do? 02/04/2013 2,149
I purchased a property for a family member to live in. They do not pay rent. Does my property qualify? 02/04/2013 2,079
I’m renting my property as “Rent to Own.” Why doesn’t this qualify? 02/04/2013 2,035
Why are there different GRM’s throughout the county? 02/04/2013 2,003
I purchased my property through the Grant County Tax Sale. Why isn’t tax sales used when assessing income properties, especially if they are the predominant sales? 02/04/2013 1,928

Grant County Government, Indiana
Commercial Equipment Abatement 07/08/2011 2,218
Commercial Structure Abatement 07/08/2011 2,048
Deeds/Affidavits Information 07/08/2011 2,197
Property Tax Deductions 07/08/2011 2,492
Tax Sale Information 07/08/2011 2,298

Grant County Government, Indiana
Can I plea NOT guilty to a traffic violation? 02/11/2011 2,628
How do I apply for a marriage license? 02/11/2011 6,723

Grant County Government, Indiana
Where is my loved one being taken? 02/11/2011 2,320
Why is the Coroner involved in the death of my loved one? 02/11/2011 2,261
Is an autopsy always performed? 02/11/2011 2,199
Why are autopsies performed? 02/11/2011 1,866
Is there a charge for these services? 02/11/2011 1,181
Can I come see him/ her? 02/11/2011 1,236
What about funeral arrangements? 02/11/2011 1,147
Can I contact the Coroner's office? 02/11/2011 1,243

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Correctional Services
Can Probation Officers visit an offender at the offender's home or place of employment? 04/12/2011 1,113
How can I collect restitution owed to me as a victim? 04/12/2011 1,186
How can I find out if someone in my neighborhood has been convicted of child molestation? 04/12/2011 1,103
What does "Probation" mean? 04/12/2011 513
What should I do if my child runs away or is habitually disobedient? 04/12/2011 520
What specific conditions could someone on Probation expect to adhere to? 04/12/2011 527
Where is the probation department located? 04/12/2011 531
Briefly Explain Community Corrections? 04/12/2011 544
If I know that a juvenile is on probation, and they are causing me problems at my home, what should I do? 04/12/2011 520

Grant County Government, Indiana
I have paperwork for Marion County. Is that court located in Marion? 06/15/2011 511
How did I get selected as a juror? 06/15/2011 509
How can I tell if my case is on the court's docket calendar for a specific day? 06/15/2011 806

Grant County Government, Indiana
    Grant Circuit Court
Can I speak directly with Judge Spitzer about my case? 06/15/2011 498
Can Circuit Court staff provide me with legal advice about my case? 06/15/2011 443
Can Circuit Court staff recommend an attorney for me? 06/15/2011 429
I have been called for jury duty in Circuit Court. Am I required to show up? 06/15/2011 448
Can Judge Spitzer or Circuit Court staff assist me with cases in courts other than Circuit Court? 06/15/2011 428
What are the fees and/or court costs for filing a case in Circuit Court? 06/15/2011 608

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
    Vital Records
How can I get a birth or death certificate? 02/07/2011 5,138
How can I get a copy of my birth certificate if I don't have a Driver's License or State ID Card? 02/07/2011 1,770
How can I add the father of my child to his or her birth certificate? 02/07/2011 1,167
How do I find genealogy records? 02/07/2011 1,652

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
Do I need a septic permit? 02/07/2011 1,125
How do I get a septic permit? 02/07/2011 1,036
How do I locate my septic system? 02/07/2011 1,025
How much does a soil evaluation cost? 02/07/2011 1,050
How much will my septic permit cost me? 02/07/2011 1,005
Should I use septic tank additives? 02/07/2011 953
What can I do to increase the longevity of my septic system? 02/07/2011 946
What is a failing septic system? 02/07/2011 1,005
What is a septic system? Is mine legal? 02/07/2011 1,102
Why do I need my septic tank pumped? and How often do I need to pump my tank? 02/07/2011 974

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
    Nursing Division
Q: “I don’t have insurance and cannot afford to pay the administration fee. What do I do?” 04/24/2014 706
Q: “I have insurance, but have a high deductible and will have to pay out of pocket. What do I do?” 04/24/2014 595
Q: “I called my insurance company and they said vaccines are not covered for my child. What now?” 04/24/2014 597
Q: “I have a health savings account. Do you take those?” 04/24/2014 571
Q: “What if you do not accept my insurance?” 04/24/2014 513
Q: “My child has Medicaid. Will I have to pay anything?” 04/24/2014 527
Q: “What if I cannot bring my child in?” 04/24/2014 506

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
    Food Services
How do I file a complaint against a food outlet? 02/08/2011 1,061
How many food outlets are there in Grant County? 02/08/2011 861
How often do you inspect? Do the food outlets know when you are coming to inspect? 02/08/2011 889
What establishments are inspected by the Grant County Health Dept.? 02/08/2011 986
What should I do if I'm interested in buying or building a food outlet? 02/08/2011 708

Grant County Government, Indiana
  Purdue Extension
What is Purdue Extension? 03/06/2011 585
Mention the major Program areas of Purdue Extension? 03/06/2011 533
Explain briefly about Agriculture and Natural Resources? 03/06/2011 535
What does Consumer and Family Sciences program focus on? 03/06/2011 522
Briefly explain 4-H Youth Development? 03/06/2011 564
How does the Leadership and Community Development program function? 03/06/2011 541

Grant County Government, Indiana
    Confinement Division
What is Inmate Work Crews? 04/12/2011 1,053
What is Work Release? 04/12/2011 1,035
What is Juvenile Detention Center? 04/12/2011 1,021

Grant County Government, Indiana
    Victims Advocate
Do you need Help? 04/13/2011 992

Grant County Government, Indiana
What are the ways in which a property can be sold in tax sale? 07/03/2007 5,800
How can I find property tax information? 07/03/2007 3,336
When will tax statements be mailed? 07/03/2007 1,515
How are late payment penalty amounts calculated? 07/03/2007 2,047